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Where to Start?

My ADD brain is not very adept at decision making or project completion. In my messy craft room is a stack of empty photo frames waiting for those special captured moments, bins of outgrown children’s clothes hoping to be sent off to another Mother via Ebay, wads ( and I do mean tangled wads) of ribbon begging to adorn the precious head of a little girl, beautiful teacup toile flannel that pleads to be a tiny nightgown. The rest of our home is about the same and  I am just as unfinished and disorganized in mind and body. So when I looked at my life for the first baby steps towards a made over life and home, I was overwhelmed with what should be first.  After some thought the answer seemed simple. “We are what we eat”.  We eat mostly organic, non processed foods.  We have raised our own beef and poultry and they are in our deep freeze. We have a house cow and chickens who provide us with the their milk and eggs. Sounds healthy right? Well sure if you eat at home. We opt for drive through more often than not. Home cooking is a balance, that requires planning and organization. My pantry is stuffed with all manner of “get it out of my sight” items and goodness knows what is presently growing a home in my fridge.  So this week it’s organize the pantry and fridge and plan a menu. Sounds easy enough, for those whom homemaking comes naturally that is. Delivery and room service come naturally to me.

Here is a peek at my pantry after clearing out all of the things that didn’t belong. I’ve always disliked the deep shelves and carpeted flooring. Part of this process is to beautify as I go. If I must use and look at it every day, shouldn’t it be attractive?

I peeled back a corner of the carpet and discovered plywood painted white. Not ideal, but better than 20 year old stained carpet. The front is an open space so I will need to figure out a way to deal with this. The angle makes an odd space not useful. The deep shelves are a problem entirely. I am not a DIYer with a table saw and toolbelt. So I will need to make use of some organizational shelves and baskets.

Here’s the plan:

I think underneath to the left of the unusable space a hanging shelf. Like this one at Lowes.

For more shelving options a few of these expandable shelves also found at Lowes.

I have some black and white toile contact paper somewhere that would be nice on the shelf.

A new surface of white paint and and I think cream yellow for the back. Both if which I have on hand.

I think some puck lighting like these.

I few storage baskets, with card board stock tags.

My budget is $75. My Dream is this lovely Pantry from over at 

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