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Love Laundry, Love Life

Here’s the deal, FLYLADY says to do a load of laundry a day. She is a smart lady and I think it’s probably true. The simple fact is this, I won’t do it. I would just be setting myself for an end of the day “wow, I didn’t get anything done today” guilt session. I think once a week is probably best, maybe twice. I’ve decided the next project is going to be my laundry room. Let’s face it homemaking is a lot of cooking, cleaning and laundry. Yes, yes, I know! There is a great deal more to making a home than the drudgery, but since I feel that I am starting from scratch here for me these are my first set of battles. You see, I can’t sit down to my sewing machine or any creative project without feeling that everything else is done. It’s who I am, I can’t ignore the mountain of laundry to try a new bow making technique. Pretty new bows on children with dirty clothes, well it just doesn’t make sense.  Looking at everything that must be done in my home to feel a sense of “doneness” seems so overwhelming. So instead I grab a cup of coffee and sit down at my computer. Tired and uninspired I skim through blogs of all the other seemingly perfect homemakers online and daydream about how much fun it would be to do creative things. Then one day it hit me, I could do both! I can make home cooked meals and enjoy it. I can get the laundry done and be creative. And well so far so good.

 So Pantry and Fridge cleaned and stocked. Menu and shopping done. It’s Laundry time!

Here is my Laundry Room.  Yep those are commercial size garbage bags of dirty clothes. I have been doing what I call Emergency laundry. Ya know, someones out of undies, get a load in stat, kinda thing. At first I was going to remove the bags and straighten up a bit, but this is real. So there ya go, stacks of Christmas boxes in Jan, an outgrown car seat and way too much laundry that must be done before I can tackle the fun of decorating the room.

Here is the plan.

First off  gotta spend a day doing laundry. Sounds awful right?! I have an idea! British Costume Dramas! A pot of tea or several, laundry and this….

I got it for Christmas and haven’t watched it in years. I’m actually excited…about laundry. So back to decorating, I’m thinking black and white toile valance and maybe a toile throw pillow for the chair. Yes, more toile!  I am addicted to toile. There is a point where it’s too much, but I haven’t found it. I promise, I ‘ll keep looking. I’m thinking one large Toulouse Lautrec print for the back wall. I’m also considering a graphic transfer for my laundry sorter, from But what to do about that brown folding table. It’s useful for sure, but  not attractive. So for now that seems to be my biggest concern. I could move it out so it would be a pretty room, but that reminds me of the decorators who replace a much needed, albeit unattractive, ceiling fan with a chandelier. I need a place to fold clothes! Gonna give that some thought while watching Colin Firth in a waistcoat. It may not help, but it most certainly won’t hurt.

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