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A Woman’s Place Is In The Home?

Housework is work directly opposed to the possibility of human self-actualization.  -Ann Oakley

       Why do women do most all of the housework? It’s really a serious question. When society was handing out the workload, why did men get the job that ended at 5? When we meet our life partners they are taking care of themselves. They clean their own homes, do their own laundry and cook for themselves. Why is it when they get married that is supposed to change? Again, it’s a serious question. I know every relationship is different. Some women prefer to have all the control, some women like “taking care” of their families and some families share the burden almost entirely.  But for most, the women do everything that is home related whether they want to or not. It seems wrong to me. My Husband helps, he does. He cleans, cooks, takes care of all the outside animals and occasionally does a load of laundry. I’m not saying I do more than he does, but it is obvious in his manner that he believes that the house is my domain. He would never say it and would argue vehemently that he doesn’t feel that way, but he does. What’s more, I feel that way too! I too feel that all the domestic tasks are mine to accomplish or fail. My Husband feels no such connection. And in all earnest, I want to know why?

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