Daily Life

Wanna Go Somewhere, Be Ready in an Hour.

I’ve been thinking a lot about daily chores and I still really don’t like the idea, I’m finding there seems to be no way around it. The issue for me is I don’t want a check list with out checks at the end of the day. A visual of “failure” is not helpful. On the other end of that spectrum the glow of seeing a full set of checks would definitely be motivation to keep going. There are some things I do out of rote. For example when I get up in the morning there are 4 things I do without fail. Change diapers, make breakfast, make a pot of coffee and feed the dog. I don’t need a checklist, these things must be done. But there are things that I want to do and don’t. For example get dressed. I know this seems like a simple act, but I’m not dressing just one person. I’m dressing 3, 2 of which require a game of tag. No one stands still for anything in this house. So more often than not pj’s are the uniform of the day. We don’t go anywhere most days so what’s the point. Might as well avoid the cute and irritating game of tag and just be comfy. Here in lies the rub, what if I want to go somewhere? My youngest has stopped the frightening “see how far I can get away from Mommy” game when we are at the store. So a run to the thrift or dollar store might be fun. Except, now before I can “hop” in the car I must dress 3 people and pack snacks. We’re talking at least an hour before we can go. So it seldom happens.

What if I spend a little extra time every day making that process easier? For example, it’s cold outside. I have a small cooler that I could keep in my truck filled with goodies for the girls. What if I had all my laundry done and picked out clothes for all of us the night before? Ok sounds great, except now it’s a check list item. A “have to” if you will. But maybe not, maybe it doesn’t have to be everyday. Maybe it’s only a few days a week, grocery shopping etc. Like maybe Monday and Tuesday we stay comfy cozy and then get dressed the rest of the week! Hmm I like it.  It’s just 3 days a week. Who can’t get dressed 3 days a week? I might find it so easy, I do it everyday. Gasp!

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