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Laundry Room Reveal!

I’ve purtied up my laundry room!

Isn’t wasn’t that much work…after I got the laundry done. Phew, we have enough clothes for 4 additional people. I’m thinking the next project is going to be decluttering clothes, yes, clothes can be clutter too, and a closet makeover. Anyhoo, back to the laundry room.

I ended up spray painting the legs of the brown folding table with some black metal paint that has been waiting for our front stoop rails. I had a bed ruffle that was a wedding present from 10 years ago so I nipped off the white fabric and glued it to the table. Is it the primitive french country table I would have picked with a never ending budget? No,but it’s pretty and cost me NOTHING!


I used the leftovers of the bed skirt to hide a bit of the cords and pipes and some simple organization with bins from Walmart. We now have all our light bulbs in one place. They were in 5 different places in our house. How many housewives does it take to change a light bulb? 1 to check the linen closet, 1 to check the bathroom, 1 to check the cleaning closet, 1 to check the junk drawer,  1 to check the guest room and 1 to send her husband to Lowes because we don’t have that kind of bulb.


I used some transfer paper and to add a little something to the laundry sorter. I really love this!


A new blind and curtain rod from Lowes and a curtain that was part of my wedding bedding set. (fun to say, aye?)


The pillow is made from a tablecloth I got on sale from Williams Sonoma so long ago. I had another pillow I didn’t particularly care for, so I used it’s innards for stuffing.


The Toulouse Lautrec print I took from another room. I love it and just haven’t found the right place until now.


Total cost:

$14 for Bins

$8 for Transfer paper

$13 for Blinds

$4 for curtain rod

Everything else we already had. I used to grimace at the pile of purchases intended for home projects, now they are a blessing. I’ve pulled from that pile for both the pantry and the laundry room.  So all in, $39 for a room that is now pleasant to do laundry in. I just don’t think you can put a price on that.



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