Kitchen Makeover

I’ve been planning a kitchen makeover since we bought this house 4 years ago. I’ve bought curtains, light fixtures and  drapery rods. I’ve brought home at least 2 dozen paint chips. I’ve planned, planned, planned, but never done.

I can not afford to change the layout, so fixtures, paint color, furniture and accessories to start. I would love to paint the cabinets,  but we’ve still got ole man winter here so that will have to wait till Spring.

Here is what it looks like today and my plans to revamp.


The fixtures in here are old and dated. The only thing still working is the fan, and I can not stand the gold. I know fans can be painted and I considered it, but that means spray paint. Which is not my favorite tool considering the chemicals. I spray painted a small project recently and had to close the door, open the windows crank up the fans and feel extreme guilt for subjecting my kiddos to such nastiness. I just don’t want to do that again.




Paint, Wall Treatment, Curtains & Drapery Rod


All of this is from Lowes. The Paint Color is Toasted Almond by Olympic Icon. The rest will be decided by the local thrift stores. Wish me Luck!

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