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Kitchen Makeover Reveal

I am so thrilled with my new kitchen makeover!

I’m overwhelmed with how light and bright my kitchen is now.

What a difference a little alot of white paint makes!

I used paintable wallpaper to get the wainscoting look. It was super easy after I figured out one thing. Perfection is not necessary.

Once painted any imperfections will not show up.

I followed the directions that it came with. The one tip I have is score the edge with a knife so you have an exact line to cut with scissors. If it’s off a little use the knife to push it behind the baseboard or chair rail. If you don’t already have a chair rail, put it on last. That would have made this project a lot faster. I didn’t have that option.

My Mother is a consummate thrift store/garage sale shopper and left a few pieces in my storage building when she was visiting. I remembered  an old Victrola case was among them. I thought it would be perfect to hold the kids kitchen toys.

Instead this is what I found.

I had remembered wrong, thankfully. Some white paint for sure, but what do I do with the green glass? Since it’s for the kids I thought a chalkboard would be fun.  Readily available chalkboard paint is full of VOC’s  and looking at the prices of non toxic I went back to the drawing board. Or rather magnetic board!

A piece of sheet metal and it’s perfect.

Now for the thrift store finds.

I liked the idea of painted cabinets, but now with all the white on one side I like the oak cabinetry.

I really can’t imagine wanting to do anything else to this kitchen.

My youngest felt it still needed a little something and true to form waited me out until I was out of range. Then proceeded to finagle down the gate protecting my paint pan and added some artistic touches


and here..

 Ah…the joys of toddlers. As I washed those little feet I was thinking, “Dear God, what chemicals just seeped into that precious little body?!”.  “No VOC”  paint is still toxic it just doesn’t off gas. The chemical fears of a mother never seem to end.

We spent a bit more in the kitchen than we intended, but since we may have to sell the house someday, the kitchen is the place to put that extra cash. Luckily I had been buying things here and there for a few years. So we didn’t have to come up with all the cash at once.

Everything except the thrift store items were purchased from Lowes *grimace*.

Here is the final before and after of my kitchen makeover reveal.


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