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The Courage To Homeschool


A few days ago I typed up a few of my mind ramblings about homeschooling. To my surprise and delight homeschoolers  from around the world found me and offered up a look into their lives. I felt honored, but mostly inspired.

As I watched my WordPress map brighten with color from Taiwan to South Africa, only a very few were from my own country. With almost 2 million homeschoolers in the US, I had to wonder why my fellow countrymen offered so little and why I gained so much from around the world. I’m just curious, in the end it really doesn’t matter. They all have helped to answer a question I didn’t even know to ask.

Thanks to these fellow humans who’ve shared I’ve learned the story of…

A Father who moved to Taiwan to immerse his son in the culture.

A Mother who said yes when her perfect and intelligent son asked to be homeschooled.

A Mother who removed her child from school after she began being exposed to things much to young for her precious 8 years.

A Mother who fights a national health care system to ensure her child’s needs are heard.

Parents who took their children to Africa to experience what true need looks like.

A Mother who carefully integrates core studies in Art for a child who’s mind is constantly creating. 

All of these people have a great deal in common, but the main thing I felt from each and everyone, was courage. So instead of asking why a parent homeschools, I should have been asking,

How much courage does it take to homeschool?

Because in the end it only takes a small amount of research and study to come to the conclusion homeschool is almost always the best. So what stops a parent from choosing homeschool?


The courage to sacrifice a large part of our day that could have been spent on any number other self fulfilling activities. Not that educating a child isn’t one of those, but there will certainly be a great many thrown by the wayside.

The courage to stand against the tide. Ignorance is rampant in the US and a homeschooled child is handed judgment and the parents even more so.

The courage to face any government involvement. Pennsylvania for example requires a full year of  lessons plans be submitted for approval and access to your home for inspections.

The courage to educate ourselves so that we will be the best guide for our children.

The courage to say “I Can”. To believe ourselves capable of introducing the minds of our very own children to the world. That is something I have questioned about myself since I first felt the stirrings of life in my body.

It is easy to empathize with a parent who chooses not to homeschool. Homeschool comes with a hefty cost and not all children and parents are best suited for such an education. When I started my journey into homeschool I did it with resistance. Not to the idea, because I know it’s probably best. But with fear, a fear I was not good enough. Someone else would be better suited to teach my children, someone with more degrees, more education experience, more materials.

Who is better suited to lead our children through life and help them learn from all their experiences, if not their parents?

Thank you fellow homeschoolers for helping me to see that I could spend countless hours in books and websites, but in the end “the courage to homeschool” was the only question I really needed to answer.

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