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First Official Day of Homeschool


Monday was the first official day of homeschooling.

The reason I’m calling it official is up until now, there was a box of educational goodies sitting on the kitchen table we called the school box and each child picked from it what they wanted. This was going to be our first moments spent in a room I have been busting my patooty to get ready. (makeover post to come)

Monday morning after breakfast we walked into our Creativity Room(Class/Craft Room) for the first time.

I had such a lovely daydream of what this day was going to look like. Me, with my fresh brewed coffee, picking out fabric samples for the girl’s summer skirts. Every once in while I would gaze so proudly at my girls happily painting frame worthy art.  As they transitioned  from project to project I would be right there beside them to inspire their creativity and guide them to a love of learning. 

Once they walked into the classroom, they went a little nutty. Flitting from one thing to another without giving anything time to sink in. 

In the first 10 mins this is what took place.

I kid you not, they did all this in 10 mins. I know it was the excitement of a new room and new things to do, but it was almost my entire homeschooling plan for the day. Gone, poof, in 10 minutes. 

“I’m done. I want to do something else” was repeated constantly from my oldest, my youngest was bellowing like a hyena, all the while pulling everything from the shelves.

Maybe I should just box everything up and put

it back on the kitchen table.


Maybe public school isn’t such a bad idea.

Ok, maybe not.

As parents we get to exchange one dream for a new one, sometimes every single day until we experience that flicker of hope that we are on the right path.  Monday was one of those days, but the last 2 have gotten a little better with each day. I expect to have perfect children with incredible focus, mindfulness and overwhelming aptitude by May.  It could happen!

What were your first few days of homeschooling like?

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