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Fellow Parents I Need Your Help


My daughter brought me “The Hobbit” and asked me to read it to her. Knowing it’s too much for her age I asked why she wanted to read it. Her response, “I want to read books like you do, with no pictures”.

Sounds easy enough, there is a wealth of classic children’s literature I could read to her, but as I went through my memory of my favorites I realized, she can’t handle most of them. She is an extremely sensitive child.  If I read Anne of Green Gables, she would spend days trying to understand why someone would give up their child, if I chose Charlotte’s Web she would spend the whole book crying about why Wilbur has to be eaten. No, she has not made the “baby cow in our pasture will be eaten” connection and yes, I will probably make up a lie about where he went. Don’t judge, seriously, let it go, I need your help.

Do you remember any children’s books that are light and gentle?

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