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Give The Hair Off Your Head

It’s that time of year again when I literally

give the hair off my head.

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Once a year I do something that makes me feel good. I usually choose a day that I’m in a rut or feeling a little blue, because this particular act is always a fantastic pick me up.

I have a new look, my head feels lighter and I’m giving a part of my physical being to another human. That’s the best part. I’ve been doing it for years now, it’s easy and costs me nothing but the postage since I do it at home.

I decided to tell this snippet about myself to encourage anyone with long hair to please consider this act of giving.  For those of you with short hair, hair grows between 1/2 to 1 inch per month on average so if you want to start now you could have your donation ready in 8 months.

If I have 12 inches of hair for donation, I send it to Wigs 4 Kids, if I have less than 12, but more than 8, I send it to Beautiful Lengths. These are the 2 organizations the American Cancer Society refers me to and both use the hair for wigs as apposed to selling it to cover administrative costs as so many other organizations do. Both companies have details on exactly how to cut, package and ship your hair on line. If your concerned about cutting your own hair by all means go to the salon. Take the instructions and a ruler with you and your stylist will be thrilled to help you. 

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Human hair wigs can cost anywhere from $800 to several thousand depending on length. Most families facing cancer are not in a position to shell out that kind of money 

If a wig seems like a small thing to you, let’s try an exercise.

Imagine that in one random doctor visit you discovered an abnormality, days of testing later you discover you have Cancer.  The following week you start Chemotherapy and the hair loss starts. Your hair could fall out immediately, or take up to 3 weeks.  So a few weeks ago you went in for a random annual exam, today you are completely bald and fighting for your life.

Now imagine it’s your child. 

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For those of us with hair and health still intact it doesn’t’ really seem like that great of a sacrifice does it.

Maybe it’s time to get a Summer hair cut.

If you have questions or concerns please feel free to ask.  If it’s truly personal, email me at anambaileblog@gmail.com. I would be overjoyed to help, console or anything else you might need.

8 thoughts on “Give The Hair Off Your Head”

    1. If you have any questions or anything I can help with let me know. And thank you! For years I would chop of loads of hair and never even considered donating. Once I knew about it, I couldn’t do anything else. I really hoped at least one person would say, “sure, I’ll do it”. Thank you for being the first!!!!

    1. Somehow I just knew you already did this. All that pretty strawberry blonde hair! Thank you for that. It’s one of those things, once you do it, you think, “why wouldn’t I keep doing this?”.

      Locks of Love does sell hair, it also does NOT donate the wigs. They are handed out at a reduced cost. But they do provide for children with long term hair loss such as alopecia or autoimmune diseases. The other companies do not. They aren’t a bad company per say. Although there was a story recently that they have some $6 mil dollars worth of hair “unaccounted” for. Leading us to believe they were selling more hair than claimed. Also they are the least transparent of the companies out there.

      I called the ACS when I first started doing this and they were very clear these 2 organizations I mentioned give away all hair to cancer patients.

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