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What does “Getting It Right” Sound Like?


Once I set down firmly my plans to homeschool I have been plagued with fear and doubt I would not “get it right”. I do not pretend I am alone, quite the opposite. I believe this is an affliction that affects all parents and most likely will never fade.

I’m going to share a small moment that made my heart swell. A moment that let me know that at least for now I am “getting it right”.

Me: What do you want to do today?

Oldest Kiddo: I want to go downstairs and learn something and go outside and play?

What does “Getting it Right” sound like to you?

10 thoughts on “What does “Getting It Right” Sound Like?”

  1. One example for me was listening to Caollin telling her younger siblings about the planets, and then singing “Fifty Nifty United States” with them.

    1. That’s a good one! Not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing Caollin is learning, you get the joy of seeing her share her knowledge with her little siblings. Yea..that’s a heart warmer! I’d be beaming!

  2. Today Bambi said thank you to me for printing off shapes for him and buying yellow kids scissors for him to cut them out (his favourite colour is yellow). I was proud of him then matching the shapes up with examples of shapes. (Will make sense in a couple of days when I post a shapes printable pack).
    Cinderella watched when I was helping Bambi cut out his shapes, and she refused help from my mum to cut the shapes saying “I do it”, but later came up to me with her plastic scissors for help. Almost as though she thought if my big brother is letting you help him you must be good at it, so I’ll let you help me too.
    Whenever you know kids have learnt something and want to learn more is amazing.

    1. That is a BIG one. Teaching a child it’s ok to ask for help seems like an easy thing, but at least in the early years of my kiddos life they constantly want to do it for themselves.

  3. This morning, Hudson had finished his Math, I asked him if he wanted to start tomorrow’s Math or move on to spelling. He wanted to do more Math, but he wanted a break first. I told him sure, we could have a break. He happily ran over to the bookshelf, pulled down a huge old field guide textbook, and declared, “It’s a Science break! I’m going to learn about wildlife!”

    1. That’s fantastic!

      If he was in a school and did this, the teachers would have referred to him as “gifted” or “smart” for being an avid learner. Singling him out as different even. I have no doubt Hudson is both those things, but I feel confident every child in the world would have that same love of learning given the chance. Definitely a “getting it right” moment. Congratulations Momma, you have a kid that loves to learn.

  4. Let me just say that this “getting it right” phenomena? Not limited to homeschooling. 🙂 I may not homeschool, but I OBSESS about getting it right as a parent ALL. THE TIME. Can’t help it. It’s who I am. But I suppose better that than a parent who doesn’t care if they’re not doing a good job. (I hope!) BTW, love your graphic!

    1. I did say “affliction that affects all parents”. Worrying about messing up our kids is most definitely a parental theme no matter what our choices. .

      Funny, that’s what my Husband says to me all the time. “What makes you a good Mom, is that you worry whether your a good Mom”.

      That graphic is too funny!

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