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“If there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”
― Toni Morrison


Since starting this blog two and a half months ago it has taken many turns.

At first is was intended to plot, plan and implement what I want my home, life and family to experience. It is still that, but I have covered subject matters I never expected or even thought about. It was supposed to be more of a personal organizer. I would post my intentions for a project and that would give me momentum to post it’s completion. I am happy to report it worked.

But this blog did more than just work. Blogging is something, in which, I truly enjoy participating. I’ve learned so much from researching and especially from my fellow bloggers. I had no idea that knowledge and support could be found in such a way.

I would have done this years ago had I known.

Greater than all these things…’s a release. A random thought will enter my brain and instead of pushing it aside like I have so many times in my life, I am able to explore and analyze that thought using writing. I am someone who wants to learn and experience everything that elicits my curiosity. Writing a book has been a calling for some time and largely ignored, which leads me to what feels like a natural conclusion.

I’m going to write a book.

There are many reasons why one should not write a book and just as many people willing to share those reasons.

There are even more of those deprecating thoughts in my own head.

I think I am the least likely person to be considered a writer of books. I am opinionated, over analytical and a daydreamer. All things that speak to blogging, but I question if that would translate to a novel. Not to mention, poor grammar abounds. But I’m going to do it anyway.  

It likely will never be published and my Husband it’s only reader, well maybe Shelly and Virginia.  But still, I want to do it.

I couldn’t even come up with a title for this post, my sleep deprived Husband thought this one was funny. But, I’m not daunted.

So why are you telling me this?” you ask.

Two Fold

First,  it seems the best way to start a book, is to write a blog post about wanting to write a book.

Secondly,  I don’t know what to write about.

Let me clarify, I don’t know which of my ideas and story lines to put down. I doubt they will all end up on paper, so the first I choose may be the only. If I’m going to check this off as something I’ve accomplished, I want what I pick to be something I feel strongly about. Which leads to my next issue, there are very few things I do not feel strongly about. As my Husband puts it “you are the antithesis of apathetic”.

I also do not believe in putting anything dark or negative in the world.

Options I’ve Considered:

Memoir ~ I have past experiences that might be the nightmares of some, but they are mine and mine alone to learn from. I do not wish to taint the world with it anymore than it already has. Although, it would be a doozy folks, as I have LIVED.

Murder Mystery ~ If I write just one thing, shouldn’t it be something that helps, inspires and generally creates something positive. Murder is not any of those things.

Romance ~ That is right up my alley, especially period pieces full of innocence. But aren’t there enough of those?

NonFiction ~ Perhaps a how to? Do I pick a subject matter I know only a little of? Which will of course require a great deal of research, something I enjoy immensely, thereby feeding two loves at once.

If this book never sees the light of day all these questions are moot, but what if. What if it does get published? I believe we answer to what we create and I want to create beauty.

So I thought I would pose the question to you, the reader.

What would you like to read?




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