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BPA Free is Still TOXIC!

 Some days I wish I didn’t enjoy research so much.

I do and did buy mostly wood and non toxic toys. But on occasion I allow BPA free items into my home and into the bodies of my dear little ones. Mostly in the form of sippy cups.

Not only was BPA replaced with an equally toxic, possibly more potent chemical, it’s a chemical that could have generational effects.

Oh God help us, what did we do to our children and grandchildren?

Manufacturers Replace BPA with Still Highly Toxic BPS | GreenMedInfo.

There is something we can do about this.

First, sign the below petition and Spread the Word. Tell every Mother and soon to be Mom you know.  I’m a research junkie who spent hours researching safe alternatives for my kiddos and this was carefully swept under the rug.

Tell the EPA: stop letting companies replace one toxic chemical with another.

Second,  stop buying plastic. That is an easy thing to do since most children do not need plastic. For me the sippy cup was and still is necessary. My children are rambunctious and no amount of watching is going to prevent that moment when little one tosses her cup on the floor. There are lots of alternatives. Some are pricey, but you really only need one per child.

These are better as the liquid doesn’t sit in plastic and the Cupppow is a bit more economical.

Here is a wonderful site with plenty of  “safe”  drinking solutions for you child.

Cuppow and EIO are available on Amazon.

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