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BPA Free is Still TOXIC!

 Some days I wish I didn’t enjoy research so much.


I do and did buy mostly wood and non toxic toys. But on occasion I allow BPA free items into my home and into the bodies of my dear little ones. Mostly in the form of sippy cups.

Not only was BPA replaced with an equally toxic, possibly more potent chemical, it’s a chemical that could have generational effects.

Oh God help us, what did we do to our children and grandchildren?

Manufacturers Replace BPA with Still Highly Toxic BPS | GreenMedInfo.

There is something we can do about this.

First, sign the below petition and Spread the Word. Tell every Mother and soon to be Mom you know.  I’m a research junkie who spent hours researching safe alternatives for my kiddos and this was carefully swept under the rug.

Tell the EPA: stop letting companies replace one toxic chemical with another.

Second,  stop buying plastic. That is an easy thing to do since most children do not need plastic. For me the sippy cup was and still is necessary. My children are rambunctious and no amount of watching is going to prevent that moment when little one tosses her cup on the floor. There are lots of alternatives. Some are pricey, but you really only need one per child.

non plastic sippy cup

These are better as the liquid doesn’t sit in plastic and the Cupppow is a bit more economical.

sippy lideio

Here is a wonderful site with plenty of  “safe”  drinking solutions for you child.

Cuppow and EIO are available on Amazon.

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27 thoughts on “BPA Free is Still TOXIC!”

    1. Tell me about it! I’m ordering stainless steal measuring cups and spoons right now to replace our “safe” bath toys. I just don’t know how I could have missed this. It’s unlike me to trust anything that says it’s safe, but I did.

  1. We used Klean Kanteens since my son was very young. Not crazy about the stainless steel – still metal – but better than the alternatives. Glass is best but of course not feasible when they’re young. I just don’t let water sit in the stainless long. Change it out. =)

    1. I’m tempted to switch to Cuppow or the straw insert for mason jars. I’ve dropped many a canning jar and they are quite durable for glass. I’m just afraid my 2 year old might prove me wrong.

      We have been doing our daily water in stainless so at least that’s done. I’m with you, I wouldn’t let it sit long either.The sippy cups are already in the trash. Which actually makes me sad, since I don’t want them in the landfill nor do I want to recycle them. Sometimes it feels so difficult to care for Mother Earth and our families.

      1. “so difficult to care for Mother Earth and our families.” Right.

        A shame that so many moms (the majority, actually) use plastic with their kids. For so many things.

    2. I cringe every time I see those microwave bags of vegetables in the store. I know that the parents that buy that really do believe they are purchasing a quick way to get a healthy vegetable on the table. But once heated the chemicals are released and the microwave removes all nutrients. What is leftover is pesticides and chemicals from the plastic. A bag of poison, that they have been told is not only safe, but healthy.

      1. Microwaving alters the molecular structure of food. And women from my church stand holding their littles one foot in front of the micro as it’s running.

    3. Oh..yes. I know, but it’s what, 40 years now, of ‘it’s perfectly safe”. How can one combat that? I mean we know cell phones cause brain cancer, but no one seems to care.

      I have been microwave free since 1992 and I’ve not felt left out or inconvenienced at all.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I always feel worried about all of the plastic stuff we have, but it is a little overwhelming to think of replacing everything (because of cost). I guess it’s better to begin replacing things gradually than never!

    1. I would start with bath toys and anything that is going to have heat applied, since that increases the “leaching”. And, don’t shoot me, hand wash in cold water everything else.

      And oh yes, I hear ya, I went through my house after finding that article this morning and my house is full of “BPA Free” items. And I’ve been very choosy when it comes to plastics in our home. It just seems to find it’s way in.

    1. When I publish these kinds of posts, I almost feel the need to apologize. It’s so hard to swallow the idea that we are being poisoned and at the same time led to believe it’s safe. I really don’t want to live in a world where that goes on. Ignorance is bliss, not healthy, but bliss.

  3. This is horrible! Thanks so much for posting it. I thought I was so on top of things, because I had researched about BPA before my first baby. When the whole BPA thing hit the media, I thought I was so ahead of the curve. There’s that pride again! I’ve never even heard of BPS! Thanks so much for letting us know.

    1. I know. Don’t blame yourself, I truly am a chemical research fiend and I didn’t know about it. I don’t know about you, but every time I think I’ve got a handle on this chemical warfare that is corporate America, some new nightmare rears it’s ugly head. It’s exhausting. This one is almost crippling.

  4. Well geez, what business can we trust anymore?! Thank you so much for this! I’ve been content buying BPA free items thinking I was being safe, but like you, guess it’s back to questioning everything!

    1. You are welcome and at the same time I’m sorry. I know the feeling when we think we’ve finally got a handle on safe parenting only to find out we have been poisoning our kids anyway. It’s a nightmare, truly. I did find this wonderful site since this post that is very helpful, http://www.healthystuff.org/ It’s great for product look up!

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