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The Creativity Room Makeover

I turned my forgotten craft room into a

Creativity Room for 3 very happy ladies.

Homeschooling Research – Check

Homeschooling Supplies – Check


I still dream of a Waldorf inspired room with lovely nature hues, wood toys and wool dolls on freshly hewn shelves, alas I do not know how to hew shelves.

So plan B. It’s time to face, dun, dun, dunnn,  the room.  At one point in time I had a makeshift craft room in the one not entirely finished room downstairs. It later turned into the catch all room. A room where things piled up, toppled over and then got ignored.

Here is the horror of it….

After going through all the bins and everything stored away I set up the furniture to accommodate a learning space and thought I would stop there.

Then I started day dreaming.

Ah,  the lovely mornings the girls and I could spend listening to music, me sewing sweet little things for the girls while they color, read, sing, dance, create and “play Math”. It became a vision, so I decided to really turn this room into a place of creativity. Just because it wasn’t entirely perfect doesn’t mean it couldn’t be pretty. Which means a lot of organization and a trip to the dollar store. My kids are always too glad to accompany me on this errand.

Here is the girls area all neatly organized, for now.

I’m not a fan of the plastic easel below, I would have much rather had wood, but Toys R US sent it instead of the baby gate I ordered and I made the mistake of bringing it in the house within the eye line of 2 little ones. The girls love it and painting seems to always be the first order of the day.

I found this child’s art holder on clearance at Target for $7 and it is adorable. But I think some twine and clothes pins would be just as cute and even a little rustic.

Bought me a new office chair. Not the prettiest at the thrift store, but oh so comfortable. I like things pretty, but I like comfy better. I also like spending $8 on an office chair. Gave it a good vibrant color spray paint and a throw pillow and I’m smiling.

Once upon a time I had a children’s bow business. It was wonderful for about a year and then I got a debilitating case of the flu that lasted for 9 months. Afterwards I  just made bows for my new little flu bug and her big sister.  So, I have ribbon enough to adorn the heads of a small country. But I had been keeping it in bins, I wanted it out, in all it’s colorful glory. I found this DVD rack listed on the local classifieds for $10 and painted it a vibrant green.

This room is full of color and truly a place for us 3 girls to daydream.  That first day was a doozy, but I can say once the new wore off we girls have had many a pleasant morning letting our minds be free to create and learn.

I’m even thinking of opening my Etsy store again. Right after I get this homemaker thing functioning properly, write my book, raise my children to be good citizens and fully educate them. Ya know, in my spare time. 

  Is it perfect? Nope

Is it pretty? Yep

Do we 3 ladies feel good in it?

Oh, yes and that’s all that  counts.

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