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We are moving across country this Summer!

Nope, no job yet, no house to move to and our present home isn’t even listed. But… we know where we want to live and where we want to work! So with our intentions clear, it’s go time.

My husband had a profitable interview with a company in Baltimore last week that would have him working in Philly, which means we could live in our chosen destination, South New Jersey.

Why New Jersey?

First and foremost, my husband has a large family to offer our children. Most of them I like, some I adore, but more importantly they are family. Once children come in the picture, family begins to mean a lot more. They all live in New Jersey. Which is reason enough, but New Jersey has NO HOMESCHOOLING LAWS. None, I don’t even have to send a letter. Huzzah!

Why South?

To afford a home and with significant acreage in North Jersey, we need a half million dollars and well..we are just shy of that figure(sarcasm).


South Jersey has a large chunk of land (1.1 million acres) called the Pine Barrens which is home to the Jersey Devil. There have been sightings for almost 300 years.  I’m not real excited about owning land backing up to an empty forgotten wilderness that might contain some leftover prehistoric bird bent on eating my livestock and pets. But, a Mother has to worry about something. Better a nonsensical wives tale than the fact I’m uprooting my family and moving across the country. Right?!

Here’s the real challenge. Instead of decorating each room carefully, slowly and lovingly, it has become Get it clean, get it pretty, make it look roomy and do it fast.”

So I’m sitting here with a spiral notebook, starting to feel overwhelmed at the growing list of work that must be done.  I still have a full life of homemaking  and child rearing that already fill my days. How can I possibly add more?!

So I thought I would return to my beloved blog and make use of it’s original intent. Accountability.

Every 3 days I will start a new room. I have 12 rooms to clean, declutter and purty up. At the end of 3 days whatever it is, will just have to be.

And you get to follow along, should you choose.

Oh,  and since I’ve never staged and sold a home, any advice would be greeted with enthusiasm and eternal gratitude.
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