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Room Number One!

The first project will be the downstairs bathroom. Other than throwing the litter box in there, we’ve not done much to this room since moving in. I’m just a little bit embarrassed to admit to that.  But, this is not a roses and diamonds blog.

So here it is in all it’s “blah” glory.


I’m going to have to restrain myself from over decorating. The purpose of this is to clean, declutter, make it attractive and not spend too much time or money in the process. We have an enormous amount of paint left over from a renovation we did a while back, but none of it is “neutral”, or so I thought.  To my surprise stagers agree, soft blues, greens and butter yellows are neutral as well. Which amazingly enough, are the colors I have on hand.

Here’s the plan:

Spa blue on the walls and a fresh coat of white for the trim.

Move my espresso colored rugs and towels from upstairs bath to the down.

New blinds, window treatment and something decorative for the wall.

I’m going to change the hardware to brushed nickel and use a refurbish oil on the vanity.

A good scrubbing and emptying out of cupboards and I’m going to call it done.


Be back in a few days!



2 thoughts on “Room Number One!”

  1. Ahhhh….kitty.

    This before picture looks better than my afters. But it’s cool! I won’t hate you… too much. 😉 xo

    1. You really didn’t get a good shot of the former owners Maroon stripe around the ceiling. It was not even, not well painted and all around not attractive.

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