Bathroom Staged, Room One is Done!

One down, eleven more to go.


bathroomband a2 Bathroom band a bath pics

I must admit after stepping back and realizing what a little determination and elbow grease looks like, I felt a little foolish. Why didn’t I do this when we first moved in?

It is missing the blinds, although not necessary, the same blinds in every room offers a continuity of sameness. It is also something I look for when house hunting, window treatments that stay with the home are one less thing I don’t have to purchase right away. Hope prospective buyers feel the same way. We decided to make use of a handyman for this particular project. Pinching pennies is one thing, drilling through multiple metal window liners is another.

As far as cost, it was under $40 dollars for a new hand towel, soap dispenser, artwork and brighter light bulbs. Everything else was on hand.

On to the next…





4 thoughts on “Bathroom Staged, Room One is Done!”

  1. One thing that I always find fascinating is how just small changes can make such a big difference! And I think that goes in all areas of our life. But right now I will just talk about physical things. Like make-up. I am a huge fan. But I have found that less is MUCH more. Seriously. I like pretty things. And I like things to look pretty. And I really like it when my efforts brought it there. Fun stuff!! Maybe I am a bit shallow? Or maybe I am an appreciator of art? Art is in the eye of the beholder?

    I do love the contrast (or is it?) of the soft blue with the strong browns. It looks yummy! And calming. Which the later is probably better explanation for a lavatory..

    Good work, woman!! You have serious skills 🙂

    1. Virginia! Missed you! Thank you for the compliments, I really do feel silly. I tend to want to do everything at once when it comes to prettying up a room, which takes money and a lot of time. So I take the next option and just leave it as it is. I’ve realized a little bit goes a long way and my promise to myself and my family is, next house I will definitely do more from the onset instead of planning for perfection.

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