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Room Number Two, The Family Room

The Family Room

Up until today this room was filled to the brim with toys. They have since been relocated, most of which went to the local thrift, surprisingly enough, with the help of both kiddos. I assumed I was going to have to do this on the sly, but I opted for the lesson in giving.  They grasped the idea of “donation” quickly. Without any drama they chose toys to keep and toys they thought other kiddos might like to have. We got rid of easily 50% of their toys. Woohoo!

I’m still considering the addition of a coffee table, it looks a bit empty without it, but isn’t that a good thing?

What do you think?

Does it need a coffee table or would prospective buyers be able to envision it as a play/movie/family room without it?

Here’s the plan:

Scrub the crayon & stickers from the walls.

Fresh coat of same paint color.

Large artwork for back wall.

Throw pillows and maybe a coffee table.

Declutter, carpet cleaned and a good scrub.

 See ya soon!


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