Room Number Two, The Family Room

The Family Room

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Up until today this room was filled to the brim with toys. They have since been relocated, most of which went to the local thrift, surprisingly enough, with the help of both kiddos. I assumed I was going to have to do this on the sly, but I opted for the lesson in giving.  They grasped the idea of “donation” quickly. Without any drama they chose toys to keep and toys they thought other kiddos might like to have. We got rid of easily 50% of their toys. Woohoo!

I’m still considering the addition of a coffee table, it looks a bit empty without it, but isn’t that a good thing?

What do you think?

Does it need a coffee table or would prospective buyers be able to envision it as a play/movie/family room without it?

Here’s the plan:

Scrub the crayon & stickers from the walls.

Fresh coat of same paint color.

Large artwork for back wall.

Throw pillows and maybe a coffee table.

Declutter, carpet cleaned and a good scrub.

 See ya soon!


6 thoughts on “Room Number Two, The Family Room”

  1. My thoughts (and I have an opinion on everything!) is to paint the wall a creamy light ivory which would pull the sofa color, the drapes and the carpet together. The aqua color, which I have in my house, also, has no connection. Then pick your accent colors in the pillows, art work and glass bowl or something on the coffee table. I think I’d use coral and lime green. I think people can envision a coffee table. Buying a big piece of art would be expensive! Doesn’t it feel wonderful to have lightened the load?

    1. It doesn’t really relate does it. I’m planning on artwork and throw pillows to take care of that. The color is not what it appears in the pictures. It’s more slate than aqua.

      Thing is, I have this color on hand, to replace it for another color would be close to $60 for No VOC paint. I just did some new home tours in my area and the espresso/gray blue combo is still a thing here. Honestly, the real reason, it’s soo much less work, no edging or taping. Which is one of my least favorite things to do.

      I don’t plan on buying new artwork, unless you are willing to sell that beautiful 1920’s bonfire picture you have. I do love that picture. I’m hoping while I’m scrubbing away on the walls something will come to me.

      1. I know, aren’t those pictures fabulous. The one you are talking about (I think) is a William Henry Chandler original. I’ve been a big fan of his bonfire pictures since I was a kid. I’ve sold a lot of them-always hard to let them go, but I still have the ones I first bought (when they were 25.00).
        Oh, I see what you mean, and I didn’t realize that was a slate blue. I thought it was the aqua 1950’s blue that is so popular now. I just painted a piece of furniture aqua. I hope it sells in that color because I hate redoing, too. The bathroom looks beautiful.

    2. Yes, that’s the one. I do love his work, but specifically his fires. They just make the whole painting seem like a fairy land. I did not know his name, so thank you for the information.

      I love the aqua of the 50’s, I like it paired with a pink, poppy red. One of my favorite combinations, bright, but cheery. I’m a big fan of Cath Kidston.

  2. I hope I am envisioning this room correctly, but what about rotating the couch one turn clockwise (so it separates from the window(s?)), and pull it away from the walls a bit? Does that make any sense? Does it fit? And is that one or two windows in there? If two, what about putting the tv and stand between the windows, but a bit out from the wall? So basically tv and couch move one wall over clockwise, and as for the lamp, leave it some where in that corner area that it is still in but behind couch (the corner part of the couch)…and maybe at an angle?

    I hope that makes sense. Or you might even hate it. Which is fine. We can’t all like the same things. Or I might have a wrong idea of the room and it might not even work! 🙂

    If that does work, I don’t think it would not need a coffee table to look homey…and the paint would be fine.

    1. I agree with you on all points, but this room is wired for surround sound. So with out wires crisscrossing all over the room the sofa has to stay where it is. Apparently speakers must be in certain places for the best sound. I will most like get a coffee table cheap off the local classifieds to add a little something, but I only got 3 days. This is the quick stage, which is really kind of difficult for me to walk away after 3 days. I keep wanting to do more.

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