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Family Room is Done

 Clean and Presentable

Befor and After

There was a lot I could have done to this room to change it up. But clean and presentable with a little bit of pretty is all I was going for. Plus, this room is wired for surround sound, which means “speakers must be placed at strategic points for optimum sound”. I had a 13 inch TV with rabbit ears that did little more than collect dust when I met my husband. When we opted to turn this into a movie room I let him take the lead, so now I know, once speakers go up, furniture can’t be moved.

So I cleaned the carpets and couch, washed the walls, fresh coat of paint, made some throw pillows and covered art canvases in coordinating fabric. I may add a coffee table in the future, but for now this room is done.

On to the next!

8 thoughts on “Family Room is Done”

  1. Great job! Keep up the good work! I often tease my husband about his addiction to technology and gadgets. Me? I’d be happy with a small (maybe medium now that I’m getting older) TV with a basic DVD player attached. But once I got married… well, it *HAD* to be bigger, I was told. It *HAD* to be surround sound. It *HAD* to have blu-ray. Sigh. I’m sure he bemoans many things about me, as well, but this one made me laugh. Men and their surround sound. 😀

    1. I know, right? My husband has this large storage bin full of cords. All different kinds of cords. Apparently it’s very important, as there is hundreds of dollars worth of cords that are needed for any new technology that comes in the house. I tease him, but given I’m taking up 20 times that space in books, I don’t tease too much.

  2. You go girl! Workin it well!!! Looks great. Good job. Definitely a woman’s touch and that is a good thing.

    I laughed about your comment above…about the storage bin of cords vs your books. I have a ridiculous amount of books. I know I do not need them all, but they make me happy,

    Smiles to you, hard working woman! :D.

    1. I don’t keep books, I keep a reference section. Seriously, what happens when the world power grids get fried by solar flairs and the only source of information is found in books? Gasp! Seriously, when I go through my books for donation, I really do think about that. Kooky, huh? Or is it genius?!

  3. Genius!! Physical books are so much better for learning anyway. Science has proven it too!

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