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Room Number 3, The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room

laundry after

So no this room doesn’t need much. Well, honestly this is the after picture from my Laundry Room Makeover, but it still looks the same. Just add a mountain of clothes to the table and stuff the laundry sorter to bulging. But here’s the thing, in my research on home staging I’ve learned that it’s important to add useful spaces where we can and this is a nice size laundry room. What could I put in here that would allow the prospective buyer to see more value?  

Being that I live in the scrapbooking/crafting capital of possibly the world,  I’m going to turn this into a craft room. This house has 5 bedrooms, since 70% of the market is LDS there is a great possibility they will need all 5 bedrooms for their many kiddos. Wouldn’t it be nice for the Mom if she could have a space that is all her own?

This means I have to say goodbye to my Creativity Room and it’s lavender walls. I don’t feel I got to enjoy this space long enough, but sentiment is not going to get this house sold.

Craft Room Makeover



New valance, throw pillow to match the yellow.

Reorganization and declutter

Move all my precious bits and bobbles from one room to the other


I really hope this doesn’t take 3 days, I need a break!






4 thoughts on “Room Number 3, The Laundry Room”

  1. I’m sad that you have to undo your Creativity Room. I loved it! Laundry room looks great! Mine is in the basement and I think I will have to work on that next month when school is not in session!

    1. Me too! In the end the laundry room has more natural light so it’s not so bad, I do miss having the girls in the same room, but on the other hand….

  2. I know I really enjoy having a clothes rack to immediately hang my clothes when they are fresh out of the dryer. Maybe something like that? Does the room have any cute shelves? Those come in handy for me too.

    You did do a nice job on your creativity room. Hopefully you can use some of the same ideas in your new home. I sure got some great ideas from what you did (painted dvd rack for the ribbon spools=great idea!)


    1. Check and Check, I had plans for both. Although the shelves aren’t “cute”, they are utilitarian, but they work. Thank you for the compliment, I loved that room as well. I’m going to have to “neutralize” the lavender paint, I think the first paint stroke will be a little heartbreaking.

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