Room Four, A Neutral Children’s Room

This used to be my haven, a lovely lavender Creativity Room.

Fotor0609171941In the few days it took me to move things out of the room, the girls really did a number on it and and left it in it’s current state. This room was never finished when we did the basement. Because I wanted a craft room I decided I would paint the walls and put down carpet myself. Yes, I put down carpet, as you can see from the corners I cut and tucked, I did not staple.

This room is going to need carpet, baseboards, closet dry walled and paint. The handyman is not coming for a few weeks so logic would dictate I wait, but since I banished the girls toys from the Family Room to the forgotten corner of the guest bedroom, they must go somewhere. They don’t have that many toys, but what they do have is big stuff, kitchen, piano, rocking horse etc. Things that don’t fit in their smallish shared bedroom.

I could not find in my research on home staging a consensus on what to do with kids rooms. Some say, paint it neutral and keep the kid stuff to a minimum, some say if it’s magazine worthy, it doesn’t matter, others say make it a theme room.  I’m going to go with a bit of all three and my gut. The fact is, if the prospective buyers bring kids and upon entering the room exclaim, “I want this to be my room”, then job well done. If there are no children then the adults need to see this room can be anything. So I need it to be neutral in color, neutral in gender, cute and well organized. My only concern is, I still want to leave it a little girly. Who knows what the future holds and my girls still deserve a pretty spot to play in. I definitely have my work cut out for me. 

The good news is I don’t have to worry about getting paint on the carpet.


Paint walls

New Curtains

Move in unused Toddler bed

Matching Bedding

Art for the walls

Arrange all the toys so they don’t take up the whole room

Wait for 2 weeks until handyman comes to finish





5 thoughts on “Room Four, A Neutral Children’s Room”

  1. Kids’ rooms are always hard. There is so much activity that it fills the room, even if there isn’t a lot of “stuff”. LOL Just so long as you have a place that is easy to straighten up in a hurry if the realtor calls last minute to show the house, then you are good to go. I hope you are taking a bit of time to enjoy your house as you do these things. As long as you are there, you still need to feel at home – so sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy the quiet energy that the clean, newly decorated fruits of your labors can bring. Enjoy!

    1. Tell me about it, too much stuff. I’ve managed to find a way to organize it, the problem I face is the large items. I didn’t realize they had so many large toys until I put them in a smaller room. Too much.

      Funny you should mention putting my feet up. We were given a Wii game console almost 5 years ago as a gift. Up until 2 days ago it was still in the box. I don’t intend to have my children sitting, staring mindlessly at a screen. When I came across it in my declutter I noticed we had the “fit” version which offered yoga, dance etc. To my surprise Wii is not like any other game console. My husband set it up, and all 4 of us have spent time in our pretty clean family room, hoola hooping, racing, dancing etc. It’s great exercise and fun family time. Our family room is now a true family room. So yea, we enjoyed the fruits of our labor.

      It means I won’t be posting my kids room until Monday, but who cares. We are enjoying our new space, but only water is allowed in the room. I’m becoming that Mom, lol.

      1. That’s awesome! We have a Wii for exactly those reasons. Our girls play wii sports resort and have a blast while exercising. Counts as PE for school ;).

  2. Hi chica! I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday and your husband is enjoying a nice Father’s Day.

    Hopefully things are going well with your home make-over ;). I do not like doing kids rooms. Too. Much. Stuff.!! Too messy. Love the kids. Do not like the mess. 🙂

    1. Today I cleaned up yogurt off the walls, artwork, floor, fridge, chairs, table, windows, doors, counter top, tea cozy and stove. Why, because I left my precious girls alone for five minutes thinking food would keep their hands and minds busy and not intent on making a mess. My mistake. Yep, don’t like the mess and I’m not even talking about toys.

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