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Room Four, A Neutral Children’s Room

This used to be my haven, a lovely lavender Creativity Room.

In the few days it took me to move things out of the room, the girls really did a number on it and and left it in it’s current state. This room was never finished when we did the basement. Because I wanted a craft room I decided I would paint the walls and put down carpet myself. Yes, I put down carpet, as you can see from the corners I cut and tucked, I did not staple.

This room is going to need carpet, baseboards, closet dry walled and paint. The handyman is not coming for a few weeks so logic would dictate I wait, but since I banished the girls toys from the Family Room to the forgotten corner of the guest bedroom, they must go somewhere. They don’t have that many toys, but what they do have is big stuff, kitchen, piano, rocking horse etc. Things that don’t fit in their smallish shared bedroom.

I could not find in my research on home staging a consensus on what to do with kids rooms. Some say, paint it neutral and keep the kid stuff to a minimum, some say if it’s magazine worthy, it doesn’t matter, others say make it a theme room.  I’m going to go with a bit of all three and my gut. The fact is, if the prospective buyers bring kids and upon entering the room exclaim, “I want this to be my room”, then job well done. If there are no children then the adults need to see this room can be anything. So I need it to be neutral in color, neutral in gender, cute and well organized. My only concern is, I still want to leave it a little girly. Who knows what the future holds and my girls still deserve a pretty spot to play in. I definitely have my work cut out for me. 

The good news is I don’t have to worry about getting paint on the carpet.


Paint walls

New Curtains

Move in unused Toddler bed

Matching Bedding

Art for the walls

Arrange all the toys so they don’t take up the whole room

Wait for 2 weeks until handyman comes to finish





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