Little Girl’s Room Makeover, Sugar and Spice for Two

PicMonkey Collage

So I decided on Grey or Gray, depending on which continent you live. Winter’s Day by Olympic Icon to be more specific. Although it was meant to be my neutral,  you can see after all the pink and blue things were added to the room it changed colors right before my eyes.

Both of the “new” pink furniture pieces are tv stands I purchased for cheap from the local thrift, painted and added new knobs. I used a lot of spray paint in this room, I’m going to caution anyone who uses spray paint, to leave it outside to off gas no less than 24 hours. The fumes from spray paint are toxic and they don’t stop fuming once the paint has dried.



The pink picture frames I picked up at the dollar store and spray painted. The little mirrors are a thrift store finds as well . The Beatrix Potter images were digital downloads from Etsy.


I bought the comforters and shams at Big Lots for $15 each. I could not have bought the fabric for that price, plus they are twin so in a few years when we transition to twin beds all I will need are new sheets.

little girls room after

The toddler beds are actually platform beds made from 4×4’s and plywood. Home Depot cut everything and all that was left to do was was screw on the legs and sand down all the corners and rough spots. Once again, fresh wood comes with a hefty dose of formaldehyde, we left it outside for several days to “air”.

The headboards are plywood with batting and a quilt material I picked up at Joann’s. Truly very easy with a staple gun.

This tiny room looks much larger now and the girls are thrilled with it.

Before and After Little Girls Room

It’s definitely a little girl’s room and that was the plan.

4 thoughts on “Little Girl’s Room Makeover, Sugar and Spice for Two”

    1. Thank you! Such a sweet compliment. I actually spent the most on fabric. I really need to start looking at thrift stores for fabric, it’s just usually not on my radar. I wait for sales and use coupons, but really, I don’t get why fabric has to be so expensive.

      I was actually quite worried about the gray walls. I was afraid it would make the room dreary or sterile, but it’s really more pastel.

  1. You’ve done this room really well. Love the peter rabbit theme. It is a girly room, without being overly feminine which could put off some buyers. I’m sure your girls love it. Hope they get to spend a little time enjoying it.
    I also love that you didn’t need to spend too much. I love savings and bargains. :).

    1. Thank you. I was searching for something to put on the walls and like a beacon, while standing in the room contemplating art, I see Jemima Puddleduck poking her head out of a pile of toys. I had always intended to do a Beatrix Potter nursery, but never got around to it. I might even add a few more things to really make it a full theme.

      The girls are spending more time in their room than ever, they really like that they each have their own space, I even added a jewelry box each and for their own special treasures. I didn’t realize how much they were craving a little individuality.

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