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I Will Not Risk the Economy of My Country


And so it came to pass…

Another year in the life of my tiny little baby who magically turned 5 when I blinked. Each year I think,  time can’t possibly go any faster and yet, it does.

“Children age you.”

I always thought that meant physically,with the stress, worry lines and gray hairs, but that’s not it. It’s that time goes by right in front of you. A little living breathing calendar reminding you of each day that has past. I don’t like it, not one little bit. Soon it will be time for cars and crushes. Thankfully today, a dolly makes her giggle.

I started the Birthday shopping looking for clothes for my girls’ 12 inch baby dolls. But apparently 18 inch is all there is. Although… what they have for 18 inch dolls, make my heart flutter. You see, I was a little girl the first time the American Girl Doll catalog showed up in the mail. Oh how I dreamed, I mean really dreamed of owning Felicity. Felicity was a young girl from the colonial era and had her very own hunter green riding habit. She also had a Queen Anne table and chairs, A TEA SERVICE with a TEA CADDY! I did not know that such wonders existed. But alas, the cost was at least a month’s worth of groceries, maybe more.

 I knew she would never be mine.

Drooling over all the 18 inch doll clothes and accessories I began to think, maybe, just maybe, it’s time for my their very own American Girl Doll. The accessories would have to wait, my now 3 year old is far too much of a tornado for tiny tea cups, but dolls and clothes, she could handle. And so with anxious anticipation I typed in American Girl Dolls in my search bar. As I quickly clicked a link that looked promising, I saw a word, it flitted across my mind for a second, but I ignore it.  I’m on a mission to relive my childhood. They are expensive for sure, but something else is missing. Their stories are boring, Felicity lived through the Revolutionary War, Molly, WWII, but these new dolls lived through a gymnastics injury!? I mean sure Addie made it through slavery, that compares to the horrors of gymnastics, right?

And so I decided I would try and find my old Felicity and maybe her pioneer trekking friend, Kirsten. So once again with excitement I returned to my Google search and there was the word I had not allowed to sink in. MATTEL. This was no longer the quality made, history driven dolls of my little girls years. They were instead from the land of Barbie

Of course, everything good loses it’s flavor after a while, everything quality with meaning turns to corporatism. It is the country I call home and there isn’t much I can do about it, except…. NOT BUY AN AMERICAN GIRL DOLL. I use the spending and withholding of money as my voice. A tiny whisper in the ear deafening roar of screaming fans. Or followers.

I did a little research and it turns out there are several other companies who make dolls almost, if not as, comparable to the aforementioned doll company. They are still Chinese plastic, but at least they don’t pretend otherwise. Go ahead, try to find the word Mattel in the American Girl Doll website. I dare ya.

I read several reviewers and finally decided on Our Generation dolls. They are fairly well made, much cheaper in price and give a percentage to charity. They are not my beloved Felicity, but at least now for Christmas I can get, I mean I can give my girls this…

and this…

oh yea and this…..

and oh my heavens this…

Be still my heart, this..

Look what I found on Ebay!

OK, I might give up my American Girl Doll boycott for this…

After all…Imma Murican, I have to contribute to some corporatism, otherwise the economy will fail. Right…. RIGHT?!
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