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So Here’s The Deal

I’m starting to finally feel capable. After years of chronic fatigue I’ve finally found a way of eating that works well with my body and am in need of a life overhaul.

I’m still working to get to that place of efficiency with food and all the stuff that goes with health in general, but I’m almost there. And with a little energy left over!! 

“Food can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

~Ann Widmore

However, there are gross places in my home. 3 years of just getting the minimum done and it’s bad. Over the last 4 months I have been unloading our home of all the things in an effort to minimize what I have to clean. That has helped tremendously. BUT…….

I thrift. I thrift to find the things we need, I thrift to find the things to sell, I thrift to make my home beautiful, I thrift for the love of it. Really, this makes it a bit of a challenge to maintain order. But…I have a plan for that.

I have so many, many things I need and want to face head on. I can only do a little bit at a time and I’m discovering that no matter my sleep patterns I lose all momentum when the sun sets. With late mornings and winter days that too presents a challenge.  

This is such a rambling post and I really have nothing significant to say other than I need you again blog. I need the act of writing and I need to reach out to the world in some small way.

So here I am.


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