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The Sugar Free Grain Free Life

It’s not important that you know how or what to eat when you decide to use food to find health. It’s different for every person. I can’t tell you what foods heal and what foods harm you. I can only tell you what myself and my children need to eat and I’m still learning.

Today I experienced something tiny and yet monumental.

Today we had a sugar free and grain free tea time and it was greedily eaten, down to the last morsel. Tea time is something I couldn’t quite envision once we discovered wheat and processed sugars had to go, but today I added a dollop of whip cream to my coffee and watched my sweet kids greedily enjoy the decadence I provided.  After we stopped with the sugars our taste buds changed and simple sweetness is a rich experience.

So how did this happen?

First, a little back story. I never minded the occasional creation in the kitchen, I love cooking shows, but the “have to”,  “short order cook” lifestyle that is being a stay at home mom hurt my feminist sensibilities. I never intended to be a Mom. It was a promise I made my husband make before we ever got married. We both understood, being a stay at home mom wasn’t in me. But God had other plans.

“When it comes to health, no matter what it is you are attempting to do, someone is going to have to spend some time in the kitchen.”

Deidre Lee

So make your kitchen somewhere you want to be.

For those of us who know severe fatigue, energy has to be doled out in accounted for increments, so if you can only keep one area of your home clean, decluttered and beautiful, make it the kitchen.

Give yourself permission to spend money on items that help you. Not only things like crockpots and blenders, but pretty mixing bowls, and plates you want to serve food on.

Keep candles or essential oils going in this space.

Have music on that feeds your soul.

Decorate it with things that are beautiful to you and make you smile. Change it up often if you need to.

I’m not saying you need to go feed the corporate beasts and buy all new things. You can thrift so many beautiful and needed things, and enjoy the good feelings of being environmentally conscious. Of course, if running to Target and fulfilling a middle class destiny is what spurs you on, then go for it. Whatever it takes for you to get in that kitchen and experience good feels, do it!

Someone today asked me for food tips, this is my food tip. Get in the kitchen and find a way to love it.

Health will come when you start preparing the foods that heal and nourish the body.

And if you burn it, serve it with a side of whip cream.


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