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How Do You Enter the World…..of Social Media?


“an artist, capable of changing the world and yet he chooses anger and purposefully uncomfortable ideas.”


I wrote this in my last post. I wrote this knowing what thought came before and what thought would come after. A covert thought I would let rise to the surface after I finished my post.

In that story, I told of  a man who entered the world of social media geared for battle. I can’t say if that is how life should be played, but I know that is no longer my journey. If it ever was.

So how do I enter the world…… of social media?

I like old books, old china, old cats and photos of all of them sitting in an old woman’s house. The woman need not be old though. It’s the grandma aesthetic and for the most part I spend my social media time looking at this and sharing this. This is how I enter the world of social media. It’s not all of me, but it’s a part of me. And I while it may not be the best photography or the quippiest of captions, it’s good and wholesome. That’s how I enter the world of social media and I like that about me, very much.

I also write, but I don’t share that on social media. I post blogs and delete them frequently to an audience of zero. But just in case one person should read, I chicken out and resend my words, keeping them from the light.

And so that covert thought comes back to me, that whisper “You are an artist too, capable of changing the world.”





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