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I’m Not Sure Women Are Equal

I do know that one body of the two was chosen to create, grow and nurture the human race… the very responsibility of the progression of the human race.

But the “truths” that we are inundated with show no respect for that fact. We are told that we can live as men do, creating life is of no real consequence. We are told taking pharmaceuticals that alter and damage the place from which the first spark of human life occurs is ok, and I’ve seen it touted as healthy. There was once a time when men saw women’s sexuality as something evil, something that tempted them to sin. Recent knowledge of the witch trials has brought to light just how much they feared us once and in my opinion, still do.

We are being forced to believe that our creator bodies have no value, even worse that it lessens us in some way. Why is that?

We as women take part in the cycles of this planet. The moon, the sun, the seasons, it’s animals, it’s flowers, trees, the very dirt calls our bodies. It calls us to create each month over and over and over again!!

I don’t know … that just doesn’t seem equal to me.

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