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Meat Suits

I kinda wish transgender didn’t exist. That’s not entirely true, if I could, I would erase the concept of gender and only have energy and spirt as identifiers. Wouldn’t it be nice to just greet entities without their meat suits? I’d like that anyway.

It’s why I know conceptually the body we inhabit isn’t truly important. “It’s what’s inside that counts”, right. We all know that to be a truth.

We could put biology and gender aside. We could. We could stop identifying with our bodies and instead identify with our soul. The very essence of spirit that gives our bodies energy, momentum and personality. Logically though, that would lead us to nip, tuck, cut and form that meat suit how we please because it’s not us. It matters not. However, I would think that takes a high level of certainty in soul identity to be able to do that without placing importance once gain on the human form. This planet though, it’s so heavy and dense, reaching that level, doesn’t really seem plausible. I think in this world we live in, we can’t help but identify with what we see, feel, hear, touch and smell. Identifying with something that has no physical representation, that doesn’t seem likely.

The core of my political beliefs is freedom, complete and total freedom to choose what I want, when I want. It’s seemingly hedonistic, but that’s a lie. Humans, left to their own, don’t seek cruelty and selfishness. They don’t, I know we all have stories of cruel and selfish people, but I would bet, they weren’t really. I would bet, they were scared. Fear is a product of and a mechanism for, control. Period. Full Stop. If you’re scared, you’re controlled.

The point, if someone wants to cut and shape their bodies to be happy, they have every right. A single human is sovereign. We’ve forgotten that. School taught us to fit, taught us that rules made life SAFER for all and those that break the rules are harming us. They made us afraid of being different, to stand up for what we believe is best for humanity.

But I would like to present the last two years as evidence that breaking the rules didn’t break the country. They just about did, they almost had us at each others throats. They got some skirmishes, but they never got their war. I feel so fortunate to live in a country that saw the mightiest mind warfare it as seen so far and it failed! Massively failed.

Why? Because the choices we made weren’t truly about our rightness and their wrongness. We chose masks and vaccinations because that is what was best for all. We chose not to mask, and not to vaccinate because that was what was best for all. At the core of our choices, we believed we were doing what was best, not only for ourselves, but our families, our community and our country. This is how they use us. They tap into our innate hero. It both breaks and lightens my heart.

It’s why super hero movies have such an appeal, deep down, we know we are like them. I just wish we could all understand, we are quite literally a planet of Unbreakables. If we could fully accept that, we would spend more time lifting our vibrations and reaching for the divine source.  Because don’t you think a beautiful spirit creates a beautiful presence? Haven’t we always known that truth as well?


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