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Healing is A Right

Healing is a fundamental right. Whether we seek healing from an outside source or from within, it is our right to heal how we choose.

But are we really as free to do that as one might think?

Should we be left alone to attempt our own healing?

Western medicine would say no, that was madness, but their insistence that we can’t go it alone…… it feels more like a war on not just freedom, but faith as well. Faith that bodies heal, that God can heal. Herbs, healing foods, etc are all gobblety gook in the world of allopathic medicine, where as in my world, they are gifts from a Great Creator. If we give the body and soul what it needs to thrive we can heal from most things.

But thriving….

Thriving looks like a life of little to no stress. Obtaining or creating a life that doesn’t sit in strife is no small feat in our world of today. Once you receive a chronic illness diagnosis, it gets that much harder. The very act of going to a doctor is a stressful one. The appts, the sitting room full of sick people, the cold and uncomfortable space, waiting for results and often times they don’t tell us anything. We need more tests. This could be weeks or years of our life. That’s trauma level stress. Our whole world is designed for stress and keeping that at bay is imperative and challenging.

By now, I think we all understand the affects of adrenals and trauma wired brains. If you made it out of the last two years without a trauma wired brain, then you didn’t keep up with the news and I applaud you. I tried my best, but every once in a while I had to look. Can’t imagine what that did for people who watched it every day, twice a day or more.

Healing is a natural state. Our bodies are always healing themselves. Are there times when healing hits a wall and we go and/or run to a doctor for advice. Um, yea, absolutely, western medicine is far beyond many other countries when it comes to the mechanics of the body, how to manipulate it and save lives!! They just can’t be the only answer all the time. Because then we are handing over another freedom.

A good doctor is going to ask you about stress, food and lifestyle.

A better one will ask about fresh air and sunshine.

The best will ask you about your spiritual life.

So let’s claim the right to heal by getting all those things in motion before we set foot in a doctor’s office with a non life threatening symptom.

I’m intentionally ignoring the fact that seeking a doctor every single time also places us squarely in the hands of pharmaceutical companies.


“I am a human being. I read and study and experience life. I am not a doctor and never claim to be.”




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