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Wheat From the Chaff Part 2

Humans are so many wonderful, different and weird things. Sadly, our early training taught us to keep weird and different out of our community. We are made to feel unsafe, when or if we do. Whether we find that lack of security taught to us in schools, churches or media, we have been well and fully trained.

And I have been fully enjoying breaking the bonds of my training.

Things about me that might annoy you or make you uncomfortable.

I use profanity. Science now tells me that makes me smarter than those that don’t. I think that’s bullshit. I think people who swear fall into two categories. Those that have little to no vocabulary and those that have acquired a skilled use of the English language, including it’s profanity.

I use divination. I believe that God is all around, in, out, above, beyond and below. Divinity can be sought anywhere and through anything if the person doing the seeking is seeking in earnest. There are many divination tools I haven’t used, I really only use Tarot, but I will not use a Ouija. I feel like this tool has less control over what you bring into your life, darkness is also all round, and can be found just as easily if sought.

I write bodice busters. Actually, this has only been true for a few hours, but I have read two and written one. I do wish there was some sort of rating system among this genre though. I like a well written/researched story, tension and maybe 4 pages of spice. Some of these books, are not that. They fall more closely into the pornographic arena and are hard to tell apart.

I’m a hugger. Stranger hugs are my favorite. I do ask first. I would say I hug a stranger about once a month. If I left my woods more often, it would be every week.

I am enthusiastic. If something gets me going, I jump up and down, get loud, gesticulate etc. I show my emotional experience and if I’m joyous, it can be a little disconcerting. In public, it’s probably embarrassing to those around me.

I like to talk about poisons. If you were my neighbor and you walked out to your lawn with a sprayer full of glyphosate, I’m gonna wanna talk to you about poisons. Our world is so toxic, wholly cow, I’ve spent over a decade now researching what chemicals are safe and not. And the resulting awareness…..there is, in fact, very little that is safe and I like to tell people that.

I think red meat is healthy.  For me.  I have no idea what healthy food looks like for the next person. But for me, meat from a truly pastured and humanely raised bull, supports my body. When it comes from my own backyard, it’s medicine.

I like to make lists. 




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