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Being Alone

I love to be alone. Being alone is one of life’s most beautiful experiences and for me, necessary.

Not the kind of alone where we think of all the people that have left us or emotionally abandoned us.

I mean the kind of alone when we are settled in ourselves, content with who we are and where we are. I’ll not pretend it’s an easy place to be. Human nature requires connection.  

When I was in 4th grade, fairly beat down by public school, with no friends, my mother wanted to help my self esteem. So she asked me to list all the characteristics a perfect friend would have. Then after, she asked me if I was any of those traits. Of course, I was every one of them. While she desperately wanted me to have friends and boost my confidence, all that exercise did was convince me I was better off my own friend. Prior to school I spent my days running barefoot in the woods and already had an intense relationship with God. I was never alone or without connection.  

And neither are you. 

There are ancestors, guides, angels and Gods waiting for you to hear and feel them. If you’ve closed yourself off to that idea, they are probably screaming at you daily. There is a whole unseen world that we can’t possibly understand, but we can step into it anytime.  “All you have to do is ask”, one of the many truths I learned in fundamentalist churches.



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