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We’ve Got It Backwards


Creating life connects our bodies to the Earth in a way, that non creator bodies don’t experience. This isn’t about gender, it’s about the mechanisms in our body that act upon this Earth differently. We have no choice in this matter. We must bleed. We will never have the option to ignore the call of the Earth. Our bodies create life. I feel like I need to say it again for the cheap seats. WE CREATE LIFE.  At some point society decided this is not a big deal. We say, after all, anybody can have a baby. But that’s not true, over half the population can’t.

And when woman create life, it is her creation. It belongs to her. She is the creator and the destroyer, whether we give her the legal right or not.

But I don’t want to talk about my right to choose. I want to talk about my right to not have to choose.

Women are made to feel as if they have no other option, but to choose. Maybe it’s freedom because we don’t want to be tied to the father, or because we think the world is a horrible place for children, or because we want a career, to finish a degree or straight up shame for being pregnant in the first place.

Don’t you think in a society that treated every pregnancy as the sacred offering it is, the right to choose would be a moot point? A pregnant woman should be fully supported from beginning to end, no matter how it ends. And by fully supported I mean in absolute reverence. Instead, we get one well visit if we give birth and none if we don’t. If this doesn’t tell you what society thinks of the ones responsible for the creation of the human race, then…….

The feminine is being undermined and treated as a secondary vessel, a tool to gestate seed.

The government can make laws, but what it can’t do is change how we respond to our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers when they experience the miracle of creation. That is entirely up to us.

We’ve got it backwards.




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