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Flip That Dark Energy On It’s Ass

Energy has flavor to me. It’s all unique and I have no words to explain or differentiate, only feelings and sensations.

However, something I have noticed, “dark” energy only has one note, one flavor. It varies by degrees, but always the same pitch.

We are in a world of that darkness and it’s not of our choosing, we see conflict and strife, though this is not what we want or who we are. Most of what we see is just tiny bits of humanity, splayed out on vibrantly delicious media.

Ask yourself, is that what I see around me with my own two eyes? Is that my actual world?

We are all in a state of high intensity. But the thing I know, that maybe you don’t… control this high intensity. You do. You can choose to flip it around, it’s energy after all. It can be anything you want it to be. Redirect, reroute and make use of it to create something different than the darkness of the world.

Let me explain why I feel this to be true.

I took this course on how to heal chronic illness using brain retraining. It was neuroplasticity in it’s infancy. But it was then and still is full of what I felt were absolute truths. It really only had one central message, what we think about, controls everything! That’s it.  Whatever we think, is.

“The importance of neuroplasticity can’t be overstated: It means that it is possible to change dysfunctional patterns of thinking and behaving and to develop new mindsets, new memories, new skills, and new abilities.”

And you can use any method you want! Any religion, food, lifestyle, any tool, anything at all that is good and healthy is for you to use to make that energy something else. If it works for you, then it works! So do more of it, it really is that simple.

Your brain is built for love, connection and peace. Soak your brain with the delightful, engage with joy, as often as you can.

Now, if what brings you joy is anger, judgment, vengeance, addiction, darkness or cruelty then I would suggest turning those feelings toward something creative. Engage with those feelings thoroughly by creating a voice for them. Art, photography, music, plays, books etc. Create a space where you can allow those feelings to be a part of you. Channeling them through creativity gives them a space to exist within us that helps us see the beauty of them and of ourselves.

Thereby, flipping that dark energy on it’s ass.


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