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God Doesn’t Care About Your Suffering

I know this will anger some readers, but this is what is on my heart to share this morning.

God doesn’t care about our suffering. God cares about our soul. And if our soul needs to experience pain, God is ok with that. Suffering is a human creation. We don’t have to suffer, we choose to.

I know, that’s a hard one. Especially when the world is full of some truly abominable things and the pain of it is unimaginable. The idea that there is a God who could take that away from us and chooses not to, is far worse to me than the idea of a God that knows we must burn our hand to learn.

Pain is a gift. Sit in it. Relish it’s harshness.

It is in that place that raw power exists. Power than can be transformed into something other than suffering.

I’m not saying it may not be years of pain. I’m not saying it may not come close to breaking us, but we will never find or be given more than we can handle. The body doesn’t work that way. We will always survive.

It’s how we survive that matters.

We can come out of the darkness ready to share gentleness and understanding or we can come out spreaders of suffering.

The nicest people are the ones who have experienced the worst pain.

The nastiest people are the ones who have experienced the worst pain.

Which one will you be?



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