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All the World’s A Stage

As someone who delved into politics at a young age, I feel like I have a unique perspective. I didn’t know it was unique until 2020.

My mother schooled me in politics. She loved it. Involved herself and was in the know. So at 17 when Bill Clinton came to speak at the local junior college I went. At the time I was a actor. So my point of view was one of political as well as performance. He was smooth, prepared and he had what it takes. Charisma, friends in high and low places and he played the game with the best of them. I couldn’t vote then, but I absolutely would have voted for him. He was the best player on the stage no doubt. Elections were like the Oscars to me, not for once did I, at 17, care about his platform. His platform was a carefully constructed play, his stump speech a well rehearsed monologue and he got my vote, even if only in my mind.

As I got older, I stopped caring about politics so I stopped voting with my mind or actual ballot. I did not for once think any member of the government cared about my well being. Not even for a second did I think it mattered who took what seat. I’ve always seen the charade for what it is. No matter what horse you back it’s the same theater, just a different playwright. And not one person on or off stage in this farce cares about me. This is a “truth” I have always known.

They are all cut from the same cloth. There is no one wearing a white hat.

Can I really be alone in this way of thinking?

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