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For the most part, parents choose to homeschool for religious reasons. Parents want the Bible to be a part of there children’s education and they don’t want them taught anything that goes against that.

I see no reason religion shouldn’t be a part of education. By all means necessary, lets teach our children to be spiritual beings and find their path to God. However, teaching a specific religion to the exclusion of all others is not an education. It is conditioning. I worry that this is what has led to the mass hypocrisy among such a beautiful faith. The teachings of Christ are beyond reproach. There is nothing out there that can stand against them. And if you are like me and have spent hours upon hours in study of other faiths, tenets and spiritual books, you know, it only bolsters what we know to be true.

Education is supposed to be about encouraging new thoughts, new ideas, free thinking and a love of learning in ALL things.

If we stop at the Bible, then it’s no different than the government indoctrination they’d receive at school.

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