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When Do We Destroy The Innocence?

At what age and what stage do we as parents start popping that protective bubble and tell our children the truth about the world we live in?

This question sits on my heart heavy, and has every day since my first empathetic child was born.

Stranger danger was a conversation that happened in a moment of last resort. Said child would not stop running away in the store. For days she asked me questions about what the bad people did once they “took me away from you”. Did I tell her too soon?

What about starving children, or Christmas toys for the unfortunate? I would have to destroy the vision of Santa.

What about war? Poverty?

To be honest I have felt up until recently that shelter from the world is the best gift I can give my children. Although I think it still holds true for some situations, I’m starting to feel I should raise my children to be strong, compassionate and cynical. To question everything and to fight against wrong always, no matter the personal cost.

But the cost to raise my children in this way is the destruction of innocence. When do I do that?



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