My name is Deidre. I live in smallish cottage in the middle of a clearing in a forest. This is by design. My woods are my sentinels, protecting me from the world I can’t often handle. I experience the energy of the world and sometimes, it’s just too much. Which is why my little forest cottage in the middle of a clearing takes up a lot of my time. Here, I attempt to homestead, scratch cook, homeschool and keep a home. Between sourdough loaves and cleaning up after way to many animals, I ponder the world, my place in it and my power to change it. And then I write.


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    1. I really felt for you with the kids meal issue. I too went through this for so long, now I do exactly what you did. I make it, put it in front of them and the rest is up to them. I make sure they get vitamins, and offer healthy snacks and smoothies to make up for anything they might be missing, but I don’t bother anymore forcing them to eat anything. It does make for a calmer home, at least at meal time.

  1. Soooooo…..I couldn’t find a “contact” button or whatever they are called..so I could “contact” you and leave you a message/email. Sooo I guess I will leave it here, in your “about” if that is all good and fine with the powers that be.

    How do I say this? Maybe I can say, “I really like you!” But we know that I don’t really know you that well. But how much do we really know anybody? Just as much as we do, I suppose. That said, I like what I know, or see (read/feel), about you. Like…a lot!

    Why? You came through my life path and made me stop. And think. And rethink. And think some more. I am fascinated with your thoughts. They are unlike anyone else I have ever known.

    I have this problem with words. They can’t seem to make it to my mouth. I have so many words inside of me dying to come out of my mouth, but my mouth…doesn’t know.. the words. I continue on…in hopes that my mouth will become acquainted, even if just bit by bit, to those words. Sometimes I know them. But then they are lost again.

    YOU…your WORDS!! You HAVE the words! The way you write gives me admiration..and yes, a tinge of jealousy. πŸ˜‰ Your THOUGHTS! Are so…awesome. Yes, I said awesome! And I sighed when I typed it because, seriously? That IS the best that I got. Me + words DOES NOT = love. But…that is all I have here…to work with. I can’t do my funny faces. I can do my crazy gestures. I can’t hug you, tickle you, or offer you a cookie. Not that that gets a specific point across, but it’s…something to say, “Hey, you are pretty cool. If had a cool craft room like yours, I would so invite you over and we would craft or whatever all day every day and eat cookies. Healthy cookies, of course.” πŸ˜€

    Intelligent, witty, feisty, kind, thoughtful, inquisitive, tough… These are some of the words that come to my mind when I “listen” to you.

    I also am amazed at how you respond so kindly to each and every comment you get and give such a thought out response. I follow quite a few blogs. I have NEVER seen that kind of luvin’. I mean rarely do the blog owners respond, which is fine. I considered it normal. Then there is Shelly. I am completely amazed that she keeps up a blog and responds to each and every comment when she has so many stinkin’ kiddos (Shelly, if you ever read this, “stinkin'” is a term of endearment). She is pretty stellar. But we already know that. This is about YOU! ;P

    Sooo…if you have read this far you are problem thinking, “OK, Virginia, you have rambled enough. What is your point?” I know, I know… get to the point!

    The point is: I LIKE YOU!

    I said it before, I’ll say it again. Just watch me!! But I just WISH I had the right words to say specifics. I hope my fumbling wumbling has shed at least some light.

    But…what I want, most of all, is for you to feel appreciated. If only a bit?

    I do…appreciate you. The YOU I get to see πŸ™‚

    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox and <3 πŸ˜€

    1. Oh my Virginia. I may have a way with words, but right now you have taken them all away. I truly don’t know what to say other than thank you, thank you and I like you too. A good 2 minutes have past as sit I here with my fingers poised over the keyboard searching for the words to explain how honored I am to know my blog has spoken to you. I do try to be true to who I am, although on occasion I have backed off some of my opinions that border on judgement. I want this blog to be positive for myself and anyone who reads it. Of course I don’t mind going after corporate poisoners. I’m not talking about polluters, I’m talking about the makers of children’s products. Large conglomerates don’t have feelings, but people do. I make it a point to respond to every comment with an honest, thought out response. If someone walked up to me on the street and commented I would of course respond. Why wouldn’t I do the same on my blog. If feels disingenuous to not do otherwise. Or maybe it’s just the good southern woman thing to do. I may love NYC with my whole heart and consider it home, I was still raised in NE Texas and you can bet I was brought up to be a lady. Some of it stuck.

      I know there is more to you than what I’m about to type. You do your religion right! You are the kind of soul I fell in love with from an early age. I did not know for a long time that there was a religious label to attach to these souls and perhaps there shouldn’t be. But the simple fact is when I meet an LDS member (outside Utah) I am always blown away by the open vulnerability they offer. This is exactly who you showed me today. Yes, the feelings and emotions are all you and have nothing to do with your beliefs, but I feel that it is your beliefs that taught you to share love and appreciation with your fellow humans. So many of us do not do this and we miss an opportunity to form relationships and to bolster our fellow man. It’s this kind of fellowship that can truly change the world.

      Virginia, if you are ever in Utah, find me! I will do the same should I venture across the Mason Dixon line.

      anambaileblog@gmail.com is my email. Feel free to use it.

      Much love,


    1. The thing is I really didn’t know what I was supposed to do with the first nomination. Then came life and I forgot about it. I will do my best to set aside some time and understand what this means. In the interim, thank you! Truly, I had no idea you held my little blog in such high respect. Considering how I feel about yours, it’s an incredible compliment.

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