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Meat Suits

I kinda wish transgender didn't exist. That's not entirely true, if I could, I would erase the concept of gender and only have energy and spirt as identifiers. Wouldn't it be nice to just greet entities without their meat suits? I'd like that anyway. It's why I know conceptually the body we inhabit isn't truly… Continue reading Meat Suits

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I’m Not Sure Women Are Equal

I do know that one body of the two was chosen to create, grow and nurture the human race... the very responsibility of the progression of the human race. But the "truths" that we are inundated with show no respect for that fact. We are told that we can live as men do, creating life… Continue reading I’m Not Sure Women Are Equal

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Wheat From the Chaff

Here are 6 things about me that don't fit with my lifestyle, things that make me weird, unique and in many cases a social outlier. I am opinionated! I have an open fluid mind that moves with experience and knowledge. I can change my beliefs in an instant if I find some new mind bending… Continue reading Wheat From the Chaff

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How Do You Enter the World…..of Social Media?

  "an artist, capable of changing the world and yet he chooses anger and purposefully uncomfortable ideas."   I wrote this in my last post. I wrote this knowing what thought came before and what thought would come after. A covert thought I would let rise to the surface after I finished my post. In… Continue reading How Do You Enter the World…..of Social Media?

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The Sweetness of Being Human

  “The fundamental human experience is that of compassion.” ― Joseph Campbell   There have been many books that have changed my fundamental viewpoints, beliefs shattered in an instance of knowing. The works of Joseph Campbell are on my mind this morning as I once again find myself experiencing the sweet fullness of what it means… Continue reading The Sweetness of Being Human

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Not All Driveways are Created Equal

If you happen upon my driveway and turn off the road you will find yourself surrounded by nothing but woods. If you keep going, soon you won't see the road from which you turned or the house at the end sitting in a small clearing. Every time I make this drive I savor those few magical moments… Continue reading Not All Driveways are Created Equal