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Suburban Housewife or Earth Mother Hippie?

Who am I supposed to be? Who do I want to be?  Who SHOULD I be? My mind is a world unto itself. When I relay my dreams to my husband he is most always incredulous. They are full stories, with characters, odd scenarios and they have a clear beginning and end. When I give myself… Continue reading Suburban Housewife or Earth Mother Hippie?

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A Cow, A Goat, 4 Chickens and Chest Pains

I have been cleaning, decluttering, painting and all around beautifying. And then...IT happened. First came the news that our Annabelle (bovine) is pregnant. One of the bull calves we put on her to nurse, grew up and took over the role of paramour. She is almost 7 months along which means we will need to stop milking her… Continue reading A Cow, A Goat, 4 Chickens and Chest Pains

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She Wants Equality, The Church Wants Her Back in the Kitchen

All this woman is asking for is equality within the community she loves.    This is where I live. This is where I'm raising my daughters.  ordainwomen.org Update: "Today, Kelly’s former ecclesiastical leader in Virginia, Bishop Mark Harrison, contacted Kelly by email to inform her that the all-male panel of judges who tried her in… Continue reading She Wants Equality, The Church Wants Her Back in the Kitchen

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Toddler Life Lessons From Jacques Pepin

As a parent we get to enjoy the education of life that takes place in the world of our children. Sometimes it's joyous, sometimes it's heartbreaking and sometimes it's both. This is one of those "both" moments. I watch tv on my Ipad in bed. No, it's really not healthy to watch tv before falling… Continue reading Toddler Life Lessons From Jacques Pepin

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The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.   Robert Frost For some women, Motherhood is a dream come true. Keeping a home and caring for a family was all they ever wanted. For the rest of us, Motherhood is sacrifice.  I have… Continue reading The Road Not Taken

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Don’t Even Think About That Hole

"If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well, matters very much." Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis When I started this blog I made the promise to myself  I would never just throw out my real life problems without first coming to a solution. I did not want my readers to feel… Continue reading Don’t Even Think About That Hole

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The Deeds of Children

The deeds of children are a testament to the upbringing they received from their parents.  ~ Christopher Paolini A child's innocence is a precious gift. It should be protected, harnessed and revered for as long as possible. For there will come a day when it is ripped away despite the most conscientious parenting. That day was… Continue reading The Deeds of Children

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World Autism Awareness Day

In honor of  World Autism Awareness Day, take a moment and type Autism in your search bar. Read all you can, even the wacky theories. Everything is information and information is never a bad thing. But more importantly, find the blogs of families who have children on the spectrum. Allow them to share their story.… Continue reading World Autism Awareness Day

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BPA Free is Still TOXIC!

 Some days I wish I didn't enjoy research so much. I do and did buy mostly wood and non toxic toys. But on occasion I allow BPA free items into my home and into the bodies of my dear little ones. Mostly in the form of sippy cups. Not only was BPA replaced with an equally… Continue reading BPA Free is Still TOXIC!