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Neutral? Children’s Room Done

"Neutral" Children's Room I did my best to stay neutral, but in the end, it's a girl's room. I truly despise categorizing genders.  Unfortunately I am in the minority and I have to think like the majority in this process. I decided on an owl theme based on researched trends because I had a set of… Continue reading Neutral? Children’s Room Done

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Converted Laundry Room Done

The Creativity Room has been dismantled and I am sad to see it go.   This room is brighter than the other so it does work better for a laundry/craft room. It still works well as a laundry room, yes Virginia, I had an inset created beside the door when we finished the basement that is… Continue reading Converted Laundry Room Done

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Room Number 3, The Laundry Room

The Laundry Room So no this room doesn't need much. Well, honestly this is the after picture from my Laundry Room Makeover, but it still looks the same. Just add a mountain of clothes to the table and stuff the laundry sorter to bulging. But here's the thing, in my research on home staging I've learned… Continue reading Room Number 3, The Laundry Room

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Family Room is Done

 Clean and Presentable There was a lot I could have done to this room to change it up. But clean and presentable with a little bit of pretty is all I was going for. Plus, this room is wired for surround sound, which means "speakers must be placed at strategic points for optimum sound". I had a 13… Continue reading Family Room is Done

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Room Number One!

The first project will be the downstairs bathroom. Other than throwing the litter box in there, we've not done much to this room since moving in. I'm just a little bit embarrassed to admit to that.  But, this is not a roses and diamonds blog. So here it is in all it's "blah" glory.  … Continue reading Room Number One!

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If The World Gives You Lemons, Donate, Keep or Throw Them Away.

We are moving across country this Summer! Nope, no job yet, no house to move to and our present home isn't even listed. But... we know where we want to live and where we want to work! So with our intentions clear, it's go time. My husband had a profitable interview with a company in Baltimore last week… Continue reading If The World Gives You Lemons, Donate, Keep or Throw Them Away.