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The Deeds of Children

The deeds of children are a testament to the upbringing they received from their parents.  ~ Christopher Paolini A child's innocence is a precious gift. It should be protected, harnessed and revered for as long as possible. For there will come a day when it is ripped away despite the most conscientious parenting. That day was… Continue reading The Deeds of Children

Makeover Reveals

The Creativity Room Makeover

I turned my forgotten craft room into a Creativity Room for 3 very happy ladies. Homeschooling Research - Check Homeschooling Supplies - Check Classroom....ummm. I still dream of a Waldorf inspired room with lovely nature hues, wood toys and wool dolls on freshly hewn shelves, alas I do not know how to hew shelves. So… Continue reading The Creativity Room Makeover

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What does “Getting It Right” Sound Like?

Once I set down firmly my plans to homeschool I have been plagued with fear and doubt I would not "get it right". I do not pretend I am alone, quite the opposite. I believe this is an affliction that affects all parents and most likely will never fade. I'm going to share a small… Continue reading What does “Getting It Right” Sound Like?

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Fellow Parents I Need Your Help

My daughter brought me "The Hobbit" and asked me to read it to her. Knowing it's too much for her age I asked why she wanted to read it. Her response, "I want to read books like you do, with no pictures". Sounds easy enough, there is a wealth of classic children's literature I could… Continue reading Fellow Parents I Need Your Help


First Official Day of Homeschool

Monday was the first official day of homeschooling. The reason I'm calling it official is up until now, there was a box of educational goodies sitting on the kitchen table we called the school box and each child picked from it what they wanted. This was going to be our first moments spent in a… Continue reading First Official Day of Homeschool

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I Love Black Women

I do. I Love Black Women. Let me tell you why that matters to you as a parent. When I was 5 years old my 16 year old brother died in a car accident. It broke my family in a way that even 35 years later we still don't understand. My Mother disappeared into her… Continue reading I Love Black Women


My Homeschool Curriculum For Pre K

The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see.” Alexandra K. Trenfor What homeschool curriculum did you use for your little ones?  Did your child ask to learn and you waited it out until they were older? How did that work out? I feel a little… Continue reading My Homeschool Curriculum For Pre K

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Is Your Child Gifted?

Is Your Child Gifted?Warning: I'm about to tick off the parents of "gifted" children.  Yes. Every single child in this world is gifted.I detest the word, "gifted", it implies "my child has gifts, yours does not". It's usually based on testing, which anyone with a little knowledge of test assessment knows they are flawed instruments and… Continue reading Is Your Child Gifted?

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Valedictorian Speaks Out Against Institutional Education

Enjoy watching the adults behind her who shift, fidget, cross their arms and look at each other for consolation. I would think a true educator would, despite the confines of mandated curriculum, be proud to have helped create a free thinker for a Valedictorian.

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The Courage To Homeschool

A few days ago I typed up a few of my mind ramblings about homeschooling. To my surprise and delight homeschoolers  from around the world found me and offered up a look into their lives. I felt honored, but mostly inspired. As I watched my WordPress map brighten with color from Taiwan to South Africa,… Continue reading The Courage To Homeschool